Refuse Chute Service & Fire Inspection

Everyone living in a tower block is now acutely aware of the very real danger of fire. And a fire at the base, or inside a refuse chute can quickly spread to the floors and apartments above. 

Refuse chutes need special attention due to the extreme wear and tear that they are subjected to.  We have been to sites where the hopper door-sets no longer close, and in some cases, they are completely missing. Our Technicians have also reported cases of fire shutters being used to change bins over – and most concerning – chained to remain open.  In many instances, there is no evidence of fire protection. This can have serious legal implications, as well as putting resident’s lives at risk.

To make sure that your refuse chute conforms to British Standards and Building Regulations, our Refuse Chute Service & Fire Inspection is carried out by a Certified Fire Technician.  We have developed a unique ‘Live On-site Inspection Auditor App’ to help us generate your Refuse Chute Fire Risk Assessment report. This provides our clients with photographic and written evidence, along with a full compliance report, Fire Risk Assessment recommendations & Fire Certification for the buildings Rubbish Chute.

If your refuse chute has electrical applications such as TRI/BI separators, we can also send a Certified Electrical Engineer as part of this service. Just let us know the Chute specification and we can quote accordingly.

Our Certified Fire Technicians are trained to IFSM (Institute of Fire Safety Managers) standards. Unfortunately, refuse chutes can be the target of arson, so we will also advise how to best protect against this during a Fire Risk Assessment of the Refuse Chute and its surroundings.

Upon the completion of the service and fire inspection, a Refuse Chute Certification & Commissioning Report will be produced by a Certified Fire Technician. This will provide peace of mind that the chute is Fire Safe and has been maintained in accordance with the latest fire legislation.

It’s certainly not glamorous working with refuse chutes.  But we have chosen to become experts in this industry and we work to the most rigorous standards – to help keep your residents and property safe.

A Rubbish Chute inspection is carried out by a Certified Fire Technician will inspect:

  • All access Bin Chute Hopper Doors to ensure they are in good working order and in accordance with BS 476: Part 22: 1987
  • All Bin Chute smoke seals to ensure they are compliant, intact and change if required
  • Inspect, test and service the Rubbish Chute fire plate/damper and fusible link to ensure it is in accordance with BS476: Part 22 1987
  • Bin Chute Smoke testing
  • Manual cut off plate
  • Bin Chute exit section for damage or snagging
  • The Bin Room to ensure it is clear and safe from potential arson
  • Full Rubbish Chute Fire Risk Assessment which includes Bin Room compartmental analysis and Fire Risk Assessment recommendations

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