Why honesty and integrity is so important to us

We have just been informed by a customer that a competitor has recently inspected their laundry chute without authorisation; implying that they were a Chute Fire Certification UK® employee.  We have taken the decision to make all of our customers aware of this, because  unfortunately this is an industry where such practices are not unusual.  However, this is where Chute Fire Certification UK® stands apart, as we live by our corporate values of honesty and integrity.

It’s easy to check if the technician that arrives on site is one of our Certified Fire Technician or Engineers, because they will show you their Chute Fire Certification UK® documentation, certificates and be in our uniform.  Each chute that we certify is awarded the Chute Fire Certification UK® certificate (shown).  Any other certificate will not signed by one of our Certified Technicians.

We thank our customers for their continued loyalty, and look forward to returning it with exceptional customer service, professionalism and full accountability